is a smart multi-functional
and efficient injection system pen


a smart multi-functional and efficient injection system pen

dermaJet is designed to provide a more efficient and controlled injection treatments. It responds to the needs of surgeons and practitioners to make injection more efficient and less painful
Equipped with a display screen and button control system

  • Select system: Mode: Dose/Continuous
  • Speed: fast/medium/ SLOW
  • Quantity: minimum: 0,001ml = 0,1CC
  • Any injection filler syringe
  • Micro needles
  • Multi-needle heads
  • Cross-link filler

Multiple Functions

  • Powerful injection system

    Powerful injection system, requiring less energy and providing more comfort

  • High accuracy and precision

    High accuracy and precision: always delivers the same quantity amount

  • Tested by experts and practitioners

    It is tested by experts and practitioners and demonstrated a high degree of efficiency and satisfaction

  • Designed to optimize injection

    It is designed to optimize injection and avoid drug loss. Users can set and regulate the exact quantity before proceeding to injection

  • Allows the possibility to inject PRP

    Allows the possibility to inject PRP Plasma Rich Platelets

  • Allows the possibility to undertake Autologous

    Allows the possibility to undertake Autologous fat transfer with less effort

For Practitioners

  • Allows both flow injection and drop and quantity programmed injection
  • Adjust drop size and quantity before injection
  • Optimizes injection and saves drug loss
  • Display of injection and drop number
  • Beep sound alerts indicate the completion of the injection selected
  • Use of all filler types
  • Adjustable tips to allow use of different syringe size and needles and multi-needle heads
  • Adjust injection speed
  • Powerful injection system and can deliver smooth injections of all types of substances including solid particles
  • Requires less efforts and energy unlike classical manual injectors



For patients

  • Less painful injection and less discomfort
  • High speed micro-needling
  • Precisely controlled skin punctures
  • Excellent skin treatment in minimum time


  • Dermajet facilitates the application of high density ingredients with Paskin 34G triple-tip needles
  • The needles distribute the dose across three entry points minimising papule size, resulting in less trauma and discomfort for the patient
  • Recovery time is reduced to the minimum
  • Application of high viscosity non-reticulated hyaluronic acid (3.5%) with a 34G triple-tip microneedle (PASKIN)